Our Dog
Yogi is our standard schnauzer. He has been an important part of our lives for over five years. Click here to learn more about him.
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        Our Hobbies
School and work have not left too much time for hobbies, but we still manage to put some time into a few activities we feel are important.

        Our Friends
A big shout out to all of our friends! If you can tell a person by the company they keep, then we must be pretty spectacular people to have friends like you!
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        Welcome to our Site!!
Julie and I are starting a family and beginning a new life in Miami. We want to thank all of you that have been so supportive. Please visit this site frequently to keep up with our lives. They are bound to be exciting as Sofia continues her rapid growth and we develop our new lives in Miami. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of our lives.

We are lucky to be blessed with such great family and friends.

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