When I look at these orchids I experience such an incredible sense of nostalgia. They bring back a memory of halcyon experiences caring for my once-large collection. I loved those times I could spend fertilizing, repotting, trimming, and generally admiring the general beauty and elegance of my plants. I also dabbled with creating my own hybrids and growing then from seed.

Unfortunately, my current situation does not let me indulge in my full appreciation of the orchid. Orchids florish in tropical environments, and Virginia does not provide that like Miami does. I've been able to get by leaving my two plants outside during our springs and summers, but the other half of the year they have to come in. They do not do very well indoors, and at best I can achieve a kind of dormancy with them.

The same is true for an avocado plant I have. Derived from the seed of a tree by my parent's house, the avocado plant is now over five feet tall. It is currently indoors and growing so slowly as to be almost dormant. When if goes back outdoors this spring, it will likely grow too large to come back in. We'll see what we do then. =)

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