Our Dog

Yogi - Born: November 13th, 1998

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Yogi is that he is the perfect dog for us. He fits incredibly well with our lifestyle. He is calm and gentle, content to lounge around the house on a lazy Sunday morning, but he also capable of and excited to run a few miles with me at a moment's notice.

Yogi is continually making us proud with his great behavior and wonderful disposition. We have no fear when he is around young children. We know that he will not bite, even when small, grubby hands are pulling on his beard. All he wants is love and attention.

Pedigree :: Mother
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Pedigree :: Father
Asgard Wener's Oliver CH Asgard Halycon Apollo CH Geistvoll Fafner CH Geistvoll Bonanza, CD
CH Tsunami Free Spirit
CH Asgard Olympia CH Asgard Challenger of Tsunami
CH Asgard Kithara Von Holz
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