About Me

It's funny that with all the writing I do about my life in the blog, I really have no desire to write about myself. It seems so self-serving and egotistical. What does one say about oneself? I'm a successful man. I'm intelligent and athletic.....blah! Everytime I try to describe myself is seems to come out more like a personals add, like I'm trying to vie for the attention of some woman.

That's why I've decided to express myself in this way, through pictures. The pictures below are among some of my favorites that I've come across the in the recent past. I think this visual art expresses who I am better than the written word can. I think one word encapsulates the theme of these pictures and my view on life, "Sublime". These pictures cover the gamut of the two most important themes in life, perhaps the very core of life, "suffering" and "beauty". I think these two issues are at the core of the human condition.

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